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Healing Music Therapy ~ PlayAway Unit

Healing Music Therapy ~ PlayAway Unit


A peaceful heart is the harbinger of a peaceful world

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and treat yourself with thirty minutes of these healing tunes daily.

Sri Swamiji has been a leading light in the conceptualization and propagation of Music for Meditation and Healing. Sri Swamiji’s Music soothes and reassures the fatigued nervous system and infuses divine tranquility. Sri Swamiji’s main instrument is the synthesizer – the Datta Veena as he calls it. The versatility of the instrument coupled with the genius of Sri Swamiji produce the ultimate musical effect with unusual artistic tapestry. Sri Swamiji has conducted extensive research for the past three decades in the field of therapeutic music in which He employs different ancient Indian sciences like Astrology, Gemology, Astronomy, Herbology, Science of Mantras, Chromo therapy, Crystal therapy, Ayurveda, Psychology etc. He heals people through music by targeting the 72,000 Nadis (energy channels), as well as the Pranic energy itself.

The current album ‘Healing Music Therapy’ is a solo rendering of the healing music by Sri Swamiji on the synthesizer. Under certain conditions, Sri Swamiji’s music is known to help treatment of patients with afflictions of physical and mental nature. It is recommended that you listen to these tunes in a sequential order. After you listen to all twenty four tracks, Please repeat the cycle.

Total running time 9 hours


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