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About Nada: the Divine Sound

From Yoga Siddhi Raga Sagara; Jones Hall for the Performing Arts; June 29, 2019

Nada (The Sound of Music)


A look back into the history of humanity shows us that human beings have always expressed emotions through music. Whether it is joy, anguish, or excitement, it is done effortlessly even without formal knowledge of music or its techniques. Music is so deeply ingrained within us that very few of us give any special thought as to where it originates. It is essentially created from feelings of happiness or sadness, which come from the mind. Music therapists have typically focused on Raga's (melodious tune) vibrations and effects on the nervous system. Sri Swamiji takes it a step further by reaching out to the Nada Bindu (the center point) to stimulate and heal. This technique is called Nada Yoga Chikitsa, or healing through music. Ragas, or musical chords with vibrations, emerge out of this Nada like the waves of an ocean, or Sagara—hence the name Raga Sagara. The word "Ra Ga Sa Ga Ra" is a palindrome that has been coined by Sri Swamiji to signify the yogic technique of Life Cycle. 

Other Monumental Works of Sri Swamiji related to Music


  • Ragini Music Therapy & Research Centre - At this holistic hospital, music therapy is equipped with a state-of-the-art acoustic system and headed by experts in music and musicology and doctors working under the direct guidance and supervision of Pujya Swamiji. 


  • Ragaragini Nada Yoga-A distinguished book in Telugu and English on music and its therapeutic aspects authored by Sri Swamiji. Raga Ragini Nada Yoga is a magnificent technical treatise spanning research in music, medicine, and spiritual science. 


  • Naada Mandapa: - The magnificent auditorium constructed with a unique design, and the world's first and only Sapta Swara Devata Mandapa built with musical stone pillars. 


  • Raga Ragini Sangeeta Vidyalaya - teaches music and bhajans to interested youngsters free of cost. 


  • Awards - The services of scholars in various fields of specialization like Veda, Nada, Sastra, Yoga etc., are recognized at the international level. Music concerts by artists of international repute are a notable feature of Sri Swamiji's programs in Mysore and elsewhere. 


  • Research for Doctoral Degree (PhD) - Several research projects are being conducted by scholars working on a doctoral thesis on the mission of Sri Swamiji's Music. 


  • Media Releases – Publications pertaining to music and other subjects are regularly brought out at the press, specially installed for this purpose at the Mysore Ashram. Hundreds of DVDs and CDs of Sri Swamiji's concerts and programs, along with numerous digital albums on sites such as iTunes are also widely available. Yoga Sangeeta - Yoga Sangeeta is a non-profit organization founded by the His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. The primary mission of Yoga Sangeeta is to promote healing by music. Since its inception in early 2008, Yoga Sangeeta has organized many concerts and programs of Sri Swamiji and other artists from around the world, many of which have been webcast live as a service to the public

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