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"The Upasana of Nada Brahma is considered unique. Our tradition has embraced the powerful effect of Nada Brahma Upasana. Only few have the ability to undertake Nada Brahma Upasana. Through this it is possible to feel the form of Brahma. It is only Nada Brahma whose form can be felt and experienced. Through this Sadhana, Pujya Swamiji is engaged in the task of taking ordinary people towards Brahma through the medium of Nada. It is like moving from known to unknown. Laymen are familiar with songs and music. But to understand the spirituality behind it and to connect with Brahma through it is indeed a commendable task which Swamiji has been ceaselessly undertaking. Pujya Swamiji has used the entire world as His stage to perpetuate the great tradition of Nada Upasana by performing at various important places. "    

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India


One of the greatest things that has happened to me was when I met Sri Swamiji in Switzerland in 1987. Since then, I have made numerous visits along with my family to the beauty and peace of His Ashrams and have been lucky enough to have Sri Swamiji visit our residence.I look to Sri Swamiji as a mentor, fellow musician, and friend. Sri Swamiji's music has a profound healing and relaxing effect on the listener.Sri Swamiji's Ashrams have long since been a heaven for me and whenever the noise, traffic, pollution, and pressure of the rest of the world become unbearable, I seek shelter in the nearest of Swamiji's Ashrams. At Swamiji's Ashram, one becomes overwhelmed with a sense of unity, peace, and belonging.

I have been a witness to some of the miracles performed by Sri Swamiji and have often found myself sitting in rapt attention as Sri Swamiji performed "the impossible", suddenly making it possible. 

I cannot imagine my life without Sri Swamiji. There was a time in my life when I thought that I would never play the violin again. Sri Swamiji invited me to his Ashram where I stayed for six weeks and I can say that Sri Swamiji is very much responsible for me playing violin again. Sri Swamiji spoke to me every day and helped me understand many things and put my life in a totally different perspective. Performing with Sri Swamiji has filled me with inexplicable feelings of peace and serenity.

I have realized how fortunate I have been to perform and record with Sri Swamiji on numerous occasions. I know that it is impossible to describe Sri Swamiji and the services He has rendered for me and my family in words; but still, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sri Swamiji for his everlasting support and guidance which have had a profound effect and influence on my life.

Dr. L. Subramaniam​

World-renowned violinist

My Experiences with Sri Swamiji

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