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Benedictory Message 

Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji, Junior pontiff

Meditation and Healing Concert; February 4, 2017; Auckland, New Zealand

The demonstrable effects of his music at the physical level are: lowered blood pressure, a stabilized heart rate, improved motor skills, and relief from pain; reduced levels of depression and anxiety, strengthened memory, and enhanced intellectual activity are observable at the mental level. The divine eternally shines brightly, unmodified by any changes occurring in the external world, as the "Inner Light" in man. When "Nada", the pure sound of melody, is approached reverentially and absorbed into every cell of the listener’s being with total concentration, its divine vibrations clear the dust off the mirror-like mind. Consequently, the inherent divinity in man gets clearly reflected. It then comes into direct experience of the listener at the soul level. This renders Sri Swamiji’s music quite exceptional.


Jaya Guru Datta. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Sadgurubhyo Namaha.

Several decades of deep, intuitive research into the effects of musical notes and rhythms on the human body have yielded to Dr. Sri Swamiji a profound knowledge of the secrets of effective Music Therapy. Coupling this with the ancient Indian science of Raga Ragini Vidya, Sri Swamiji plays Healing Music to his global audiences to endow them with countless benefits in body, mind, and soul.

Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji, Junior pontiff

From NADA Music of the Divine; September 22, 2012; Royal Albert Hall

NADA and its Significance 

Nakaram Prananamanam dakararnanalam 

Dakaramanalam viduh 

Jatah pranagni sam yogattena dano bhidhiyate


Na represents prana (the vital breath principle). Da represents Agni (the fire principle).

The combination of these two vital energies gives birth to Nada. 

This Nada is all pervading. It is the fundamental basis of all life. It is bliss. 

This Mahanada is the root of all creation. 

The Vedic chant vageva visva bhuvanani yajne also reiterates this understanding. 


In every being the Mooladhara is the seat of subtle Paranaada, crystallizing in the Anaahata, and it gains verbal expression through the Vishuddha. 


The Aatman drives the mind; Mind kindles the Fire seated near the naval; Fire provokes the resulting in Nada. The genesis of Nada is therefore a combined effort of the Aatman, Mind, Agni, and Praana. It is pervading all the gross and the subtle. It permeates all the energy centres of the human body from the Mooladhara to the Sahasrasa. 


Focusing the mind on this subtle Nada is Nadopasana and aligning one-self with Nada is Nadayoga. One who practices Nadayoga becomes an embodiment of Nada. They will be able to alienate themselves with the all-pervading Mahanada. They become an adept Nadayogi. They become inseparable Nada. They become verily the Nada Brahma. 


Nada Brahma Gurudeva Sri Swamiji instructs the disciples to do Namasankeertanam and thus practice Nadayoga. Through Nadayoga one attains the capacity to control the five elements and the ability to perform Herculean tasks. The perversions of the mind will be rooted out physical and mental well-being will be attained. There are ample anecdotes in history wherein great Nadopasakas have through the power of Nada achieved super human tasks. They are able to transform the wicked into noble. Vedas and Shastras have proclaimed that Nada can ease the afflictions of the body and mind. Great seers have believed and practiced this for ages. Even modern science has been establishing these facts through scientific experiments. 


All movement gross or subtle, atomic or celestial in this world is the property of Nada. Music are like two eyes have been used for positively influencing human behaviour, to give happiness to the mind, to promote concentration and to attain peace. 


Sri Swamiji observes the intricate relationship of Jyotisha Shastra (Astrology) with Nada and chooses to perform concerts to give mental solace to the listeners through music. Only a Nadayogi adept in the aspects of traditional as well as the modern sciences is able to blend the art of music with healing music therapeutic medicine and perform Nada Chikitsa. For ease of understanding this process has been called music therapy.


This is a special process and has been testified not only in ancient India but also in many other civilizations across the Globe, especially by the Greek philosophers. Through this process of Nadayoga several bureaucrats, technocrats, scientists, doctors, musicians, and people suffering from chronic ailments have been able to obtain relief from their bodily and mental sufferings and have reported their benefit through media and papers. Society today needs to realize the benefits obtained through Nada.

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